Vaccines… There Really Should Not Be A Question

by on January 30th, 2015

Do you remember when you had chicken pox (varicella)? You had a fever, felt really sick, and itchy red spots formed all over your body. The spots soon became blisters that formed into scabs. Although chicken pox is often called a “nuisance” illness, it is really a serious disease that kills nearly 100 people a year.

The New Chicken Pox Vaccine

immunizationtimeNow those lives will be saved, because last March the Food and Drug Administration approved a new chicken pox vaccine. Now children who get this long-awaited vaccination will have no idea what it is like to get chicken pox, just like you have never gotten other diseases such as mumps, polio, or smallpox.

Most likely, you’ve received vaccinations against these and other illnesses so you won’t get them. The vaccine causes your body to make antibodies against the disease-causing virus, so if the virus ever tries to attack your body again, the antibodies will be able to fight it off.

What if one of these viruses enters your body and you haven’t been immunized against it? “You have a 95 percent chance of getting an illness you are not vaccinated against,” says Dr. Richard Zimmerman, department of family medicine and clinical epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Zimmerman helped coordinate the new immunization schedule announced in January 1995, which covers all vaccines given from birth through the teen years.

Why was a new schedule needed? Because in the past six years, 10 new recommended doses of vaccines have been added, creating confusion over which shots should be given at which ages.

Disease Prevention

If you’ve had your full course of immunizations, you’ve received injections that protect you from nine serious, even fatal diseases:

* Polio can leave a victim permanently paralyzed.

* Tetanus is an infection of the nervous system that is caused by skin-penetrating injuries contaminated by dirt or bacteria.

* Diphtheria is a vicious throat infection that forms a gray membrane in the throat, blocking air and making swallowing difficult.

* Pertussis or Whooping Cough causes a whooping cough and difficult breathing, to pneumonia.

* Measles is a red rash that can lead to pneumonia or encephalitis (brain infection).

* Rubella or German measles is a mild rash. However, if a pregnant woman contracts it and gives it to her unborn child, it may be fatal to the child.

* Mumps is a virus that causes swelling and tenderness around the jaw. Mumps can result in serious complications.

* Hepatitis B is a virus that can lead to liver disease, causing jaundice and even death.

* Haemophilus influenzae type b, sometimes called H. flu, causes lethal cases of meningitis, pneumonia, and other infections by infecting blood, joints, bones, and heart.

For Teens and Adults

Nearly 80,000 people still die of flu and pneumonia every year, and 120,000 are hospitalized. Complications from hepatitis B infections kill 5,000 people and hospitalize 1 0,000. From 1989 to 1991, a measles outbreak of unimmunized toddlers caused more than 55,000 cases and 160 deaths, mostly in adults.

An overwhelming percentage of these vaccine-preventable diseases occur in adults, not children. Doctors want people to know it is not only children who need immunizations. Teens and adults need “booster” shots to continue protection against tetanus when the original shot is no longer effective. People who are older or have a chronic illness need other immunizations.

Do You Have All Your immunizations?

There are laws that say all children must be immunized before entering school; still many children are not getting their shots.

Costs for immunizations vary and often may be expensive. But there are ways to help cover these costs. If your parents have a health insurance policy, it may cover immunizations. If it doesn’t, check with your local public health department or school clinic. They will have information on free or low-cost immunizations.

While parents are ultimately responsible for making sure their children get immunizations on time, you can take the initiative to check out your immunization record. If you don’t have the proper immunizations, you risk getting very sick from the illnesses mentioned above.

So, ask a parent and/or your doctor about your immunizations. Find out which shots you have or have not gotten, then make arrangements to get them. You’ll be making a wise investment in your health.

What Can I Do About Hard Drive Failure Symptoms?

by on January 14th, 2015

When a hard drive shows you some hard drive failure symptoms that are not usual and are not acceptable such as unusual sounds such as a grinding machine, this could be really annoying and could mean that the actual drive is about to be lost. So what are the steps that are recommended to be followed when such hard drive failure symptoms occur? First, you must know that there is nothing you could actually do to save the hard drive, as when it starts to die, it would eventually die and it is no longer a matter of if it would die, but a matter of when.

The first thing to do after realizing this is to start backing up your data, this would not as easy as it sounds as it would take a lot of time especially after the hard drive failure symptoms have started showing up. So it would take a number of days before you could back up your data as you might even use some software that are specialized with such issues. Error screens would always show up when the hard drive’s day approaches which means that the earlier you get it out and stop booting from it the less the lost data becomes.

Should You Perform Hard Disk Repair?

Have you ever encountered a serious problem with your hard disk drive? It can be very frustrating especially if you are already in the middle of your work and you are interrupted by a problem that deters you from working continuously. Your first instinct is to fix your hard disk drive right there and then. However, your attempt at hard disk repair might just do more harm than good especially if you are not really sure which technique you are going to employ. Instead of fixing the problem, you may end up damaging it. This is why you need to know the problem of hard disk repair techniques that will allow you to determine the errors without causing any damage to the drive.

As much as possible, you should only start with finding out what the error is all about. This way, you will have an idea whether or not you can fix it yourself. Normally, the system will show you if the problem is beyond simple hard disk repair. If it is already beyond your control, do not try to fix the issue. Instead, take it to someone who can really help you solve the problem. You may be required to replace hard disk drive if it cannot be repaired.

Causes Of Hard Drive Clicking Sounds

The hard drive is the best storage device that people use these days. You can be able to store a lot of information on the drives without any issues. However, panic can set in if you start to hear some hard drive clicking noises. So, what are the causes of these noises? In some cases, when the hard drive reader hits the internal head stop. This is called the click of death because not many drives can be restored after such an incident. Rough handling of the hard drive when moving it around can cause the click of death. For an external hard drive, sometimes it could be a loose connection causing the hard drive clicking noise. Ensure that the drive is well connected to the computer to avoid such noises. This is because the power to the hard drive is not enough to keep it spinning.

Sometimes the hard drive clicking noise could be because the drive is not on a level surface. When a drive is tilted at an angle, it is possible for it to start clicking. It will click because the complete rotation of the hard disk seems to be impossible. Make sure that the hard disk is placed on flat surface to prevent the clicking noise from occurring. In addition, a clicking noise from the hard drive might be due to high defragmentation of the drive.

Turning Back The Clock – Tips For Your Health!

by on October 23rd, 2014

tfyhOn a weekend getaway, you climb five flights of stairs to see the view from an old church — just as you did on your honeymoon — but now you’re out of breath by the third landing, Your wardrobe has devolved into thigh-length sweaters, blazers, and slacks with elastic waistbands. Whatever happened to the robust health you took for granted not so long ago? (more…)

Deal With Snoring Problems By Reading Mouthpiece Reviews

by on October 18th, 2014

Yes, snoring CAN be solved!

Yes, snoring CAN be solved!

Being disrupted by constant snoring can really make you cranky as you wake up. This is because you have not obtained a good amount of sleep. You may already think that having a sound night’s sleep is no longer feasible but there are still some anti snoring devices you can purchase that will alleviate the problems brought about by snoring. One of the most popular anti snoring devices you can consider is the mouthpiece and doctors and dentists have already combined their efforts to come up with an effective anti snoring mouthpiece. Based on various mouthpiece reviews, the thing that makes a snoring mouthpiece stand out from the rest is its feature set.

With all the valuable snoring mouthpiece reviews you can come across online, being keen on selecting the right device is essential. You need to pretty much understand how the device works and reading snoring mouthpiece reviews can provide you the information you need. The information you are going to obtain will help you in more ways than one. Reviews are accessible online. They are available on the product’s official website or any review site that deals with snoring devices. Once you arm yourself with knowledge, it will not be difficult for you to weigh your options and finally decide which product to purchase.

Devices To Make You Stop Snoring
There are devices that can make you stop snoring. But, you have to be willing to make use of them. For this, you need to understand that it is important to stay open to new things. Many people keep saying that they want to stop snoring but are not willing to go the distance. In the process, they never start and remain completely oblivious to the fact that their snoring is keeping their partner awake. While it may not be intentional or done out of spite, it still tends to take a toll on any relationship.

Therefore, you have to be willing to commit and then go all out in making an attempt to stop snoring. The companies that have developed a device like SnoreRX can only put the device out there on the market. You have to want to go and buy one of those and keep it beside your bed every single night so that it is ready and available to use before going to sleep. This is where your commitment comes into play. You can have all the support you need by talking to your partner beforehand and that support will be plenty because your intention and effort is on their behalf too.

Snore RX Reviews: What You Need To Know About This Anti-Snoring Device

These days, it is no longer difficult to put an end to snoring as Snore RX is already out there. If you want to gauge its effectiveness, you can also read through reviews as it provides you all the information you need. This device uses mandibular advancement technique and with this, you will be able to stop snoring. The jaw will be help in a forward position in order to stop snoring. According to Snore RX reviews like the ones at this popular snoring mouthpiece site, this device has a lot of noteworthy features such as its calibrator where you can read the jaw adjustment measurement. It also has Posi-Lock that allows you to choose a position setting. It will continue to lock unless you change the setting.

Comfort is not compromised according to Snore RX reviews. This is due to the fact that the device has Teeth Cushion made of copolymer material. Even if it is your first time using the device, you will not have a hard time following through, as it is easy to use. It has also been cleared by FDA and the mouthpiece has also met the new Medicare standards. However, there are still some disadvantages in using the device. If you are wearing dentures, you will not be able to use Snore RX.

Goldie Hawn: Legend In Her Time

by on October 10th, 2014

ghWhen Goldie Hawn walked onstage as a presenter at this year’s Academy Awards in her slinky champagne-colored Vera Wang gown, the women gathered in Cathy Gallagher’s Manhasset, NY, home for their annual Oscar party were clearly smitten. “To die for!” gasped one. (more…)

The Imperfect Body Is Amazing… Love It!

by on September 20th, 2014

So you’re no thin. But maybe your body is wisely doing what’s best for you–even if that means adding where you’d like to subtract.

I was lying on my bed in the late afternoon, talking on the phone to my best friend about menopause. At 48, I’m staring down the gun barrel, so I want to know everything I can about what I’m headed for. (more…)

Hair Loss: Not Just A Male Problem

by on September 10th, 2014

hlIt can de devastating: When a woman loses her crowning glory, her sense of self-worth may suffer as well. but here are solutions that help-in more than just cosmetic ways.

Grab about eight to ten hairs and give a light tug. Get some? If it’s just a strand or two, you can stop worrying that you’re losing your hair. If you came away with four or more, you have reason to be concerned. Twenty-five percent of women begin to experience some degree of hair loss by age 40; by menopause, the percentage rises to 60. The good news is (more…)

Don’t Let Aches And Pains Bring You Down

by on August 10th, 2014

dlaapTiff shoulders: Sore knees. Mysterious muscle cramps. What’s behind these nagging problems, how to soothe them–and when to call the doctor.

Ouch, where did this (more…)

Elizabeth Taylor: Icon

by on July 30th, 2014

etTwo weeks before she was told she had a benign brain tumor, I visited Elizabeth Taylor at her gated and guarded estate in Bel Air, CA. Outside the sprawling house, I was met by a member of the star’s staff who took me on a tour of the new walkway, which slopes through the lush trees, ferns, and flowers of her extensive property. “Elizabeth is very (more…)

Good Hair Could Be In Your Future

by on July 24th, 2014

ghcbyfWant help with your hair problems? Nicky Clarke, the stylist behind Fergie’s crowning glory, shares his tips and tricks for perfect looks.

The complaints sound familiar: “I can’t get my hair to look good. Some days it’s too flat. Some days it’s too wild.” Or “I’m lucky if there’s time to brush my hair in the morning–it takes too long to make it (more…)