The Imperfect Body Is Amazing… Love It!

by on September 20th, 2014

So you’re no thin. But maybe your body is wisely doing what’s best for you–even if that means adding where you’d like to subtract.

I was lying on my bed in the late afternoon, talking on the phone to my best friend about menopause. At 48, I’m staring down the gun barrel, so I want to know everything I can about what I’m headed for.

My friend was saying that she heard one of the things that helps you get through menopause is to have a little extra weight on you. I was very …

Hair Loss: Not Just A Male Problem

by on September 10th, 2014

hlIt can de devastating: When a woman loses her crowning glory, her sense of self-worth may suffer as well. but here are solutions that help-in more than just cosmetic ways.

Grab about eight to ten hairs and give a light tug. Get some? If it’s just a strand or two, you can stop worrying that you’re losing your hair. If you came away with four or more, you have reason to be concerned. Twenty-five percent of women begin to experience some degree of hair loss by age 40; by menopause, the percentage rises to …

Don’t Let Aches And Pains Bring You Down

by on August 10th, 2014

dlaapTiff shoulders: Sore knees. Mysterious muscle cramps. What’s behind these nagging problems, how to soothe them–and when to call the doctor.

Ouch, where did this twinge in my knee come from? Why is my back so balky? Most of us find that as we sail past 30, all sorts of pings and pangs develop in parts of our bodies to which we never paid much attention before. Could you–like your middle-aged Ford–use a little extra servicing? Here’s what you need to know about the most likely trouble spots:


In women, knee pain is …

Elizabeth Taylor: Icon

by on July 30th, 2014

etTwo weeks before she was told she had a benign brain tumor, I visited Elizabeth Taylor at her gated and guarded estate in Bel Air, CA. Outside the sprawling house, I was met by a member of the star’s staff who took me on a tour of the new walkway, which slopes through the lush trees, ferns, and flowers of her extensive property. “Elizabeth is very eager for you to see her route, ” she said. “She walks this every morning at a fast pace. Then she goes upstairs and does stomach crunches.”

I …

Good Hair Could Be In Your Future

by on July 24th, 2014

ghcbyfWant help with your hair problems? Nicky Clarke, the stylist behind Fergie’s crowning glory, shares his tips and tricks for perfect looks.

The complaints sound familiar: “I can’t get my hair to look good. Some days it’s too flat. Some days it’s too wild.” Or “I’m lucky if there’s time to brush my hair in the morning–it takes too long to make it look the way my hairstylist does it.”

The gripes ring true to British hairdresser Nicky Clarke, who hears them from even his famous clients, who include the Duchess of York, …

Holidays Can Make For Sweet Times

by on July 14th, 2014

hcmstElaine St. James used to find the season of “comfort and joy” anything but. Oh, she loved Christmas, all right, but the stuff that went along with it–the cooking and baking, frenzied shopping and wrapping, and endless obligations–left her feeling drained and depleted. So she came up with a novel idea: Keep the best and eliminate the rest.

This 55-year-old stepmother of two, who’s carved out a niche as America’s simplicity guru (she’s the best-selling author of Simplify Your Life and Inner Simplicity, among other books), shows us how to get off the Yuletide …

Could You Help Sick Kids, Too?

by on July 7th, 2014

hsksLike many Americans, Kym Gillis, 45, of Gresham, OR, hit the mall after Thanksgiving last year to do her Christmas shopping. Unlike most, however, she was on a mercy mission-buying goodies for children with life-threatening diseases. “My living room was filled with eighteen hundred dollars worth of toys,” says Gillis. Some needy families with sick kids even received gift certificates to local grocery stores for their holiday meals. “We didn’t want them to have to worry about a thing for Christmas,” she explains.

The Christmas deliveries were a natural spin-off of Love …

Oh, Relatives. What Would We Do Without Them?

by on June 30th, 2014

twEvery year, at Christmastime, my husband and I pack up our three kids and head north to the land of the grandparents–a magical place filled with Disney videos, all-chocolate-pudding meals, and presents with lots of movable, breakable parts. These gifts come in boxes wrapped in so many layers of stiff, pricey paper, you practically need a blowtorch and a chisel to open them. But this wondrous country, which happens to lie, geographically speaking, in Washington, DC, and in Philadelphia, is only the destination. Getting there, from our home in Baton Rouge, LA, is another …

Donating To Charity Is Just Awesome

by on June 20th, 2014

charityDonating to charity is–or should be–a year-round occupation. But during the holiday season, an abundance of pleas arrive in the mail or by telephone. Often, they’re from charities that you’ve never heard of. Still, you may be tempted to send $10 or so.

That’s fine if the charities are worthwhile. But some aren’t. How can you tell? The letters sound sincere. The medical research seems okay. But, the real “charity” you’re supporting might be the people who mailed the letter.

Most givers know they should ask the charity the following question: What percentage of …