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Vaccines… There Really Should Not Be A Question

by on Friday, January 30th, 2015

Do you remember when you had chicken pox (varicella)? You had a fever, felt really sick, and itchy red spots formed all over your body. The spots soon became blisters that formed into scabs. Although chicken pox is often called a “nuisance” illness, it is really a serious disease that kills nearly 100 people a year.

The New Chicken Pox Vaccine

immunizationtimeNow those lives will be saved, because last March the Food and Drug Administration approved a new chicken pox vaccine. Now children who get this long-awaited vaccination will have no idea what it is like to get chicken pox, just like you have never gotten other diseases such as mumps, polio, or smallpox.

Most likely, you’ve received vaccinations against these and other illnesses so you won’t get them. The vaccine causes your body to make antibodies against the disease-causing virus, so if the virus ever tries to attack your body again, the antibodies will be able to fight it off.

What if one …

What Can I Do About Hard Drive Failure Symptoms?

by on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

When a hard drive shows you some hard drive failure symptoms that are not usual and are not acceptable such as unusual sounds such as a grinding machine, this could be really annoying and could mean that the actual drive is about to be lost. So what are the steps that are recommended to be followed when such hard drive failure symptoms occur? First, you must know that there is nothing you could actually do to save the hard drive, as when it starts to die, it would eventually die and it is no longer a matter of if it would die, but a matter of when.

The first thing to do after realizing this is to start backing up your data, this would not as easy as it sounds as it would take a lot of time especially after the hard drive failure symptoms have started showing up. So it would take a number of days before you could back up your data …